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Saturday, February 12, 2011

thanx for the broken heart

forget him
forget his name
forget his face
forget the love u once knew
remember he has someone new
forget him when they played your song
remember when u cried all night long
forget how close you two were
remember he has chosen her
forget you memorized his walk
forget the way he used to talk
forget the things he used to say
remember he has gone away
forget his laugh,forget his grin
forget his dimples in his cheek
remember he's with her
forget the time that went so fast
forget the love that mover it's past
forget he said he'd leave u never
remember that he's gone forever

hope u two will be happy together


  1. kinot,
    is he da person that we bought the present for him?

  2. hello my darl, please remove my link from your blog...i dont want people to think tht i have stole your ultimate super duper boffie..thank you...:)))

  3. done..so sorry eh..?involuntary reaction at dat moment..